Best travel insurance Singapore 2019 - 2020

Travel insurance in Singapore is super-competitive once it involves valuation. That’s nice for USA shoppers, however it conjointly means you shouldn’t perpetually opt for the most affordable travel insurance set up you'll be able to notice. you would possibly find yourself with a dud if you create your call supported worth alone.

So… however like that? sadly there’s no approach around it – you are doing have to be compelled to do the analysis to seek out out what every travel insurance set up covers and what it doesn’t.
Here’s a fast explore that insurers you ought to visit for your needs:

Best for Travel insurance supplier most cost-effective travel insurance Etiqa, FWD, Aviva Highest medical coverage securities market, Allianz, Aviva, FWD audacious activities Etiqa Basic, ERGO, FWD big-ticket visits securities market, AIG, FWD First, Etiqa, Aviva Pre-existing medical conditions NTUC Emergency help service AXA, AIG, Sompo (Japan) Want to grasp a lot of concerning that specific travel insurance set up you ought to get?

I’ve reviewed just about each travel insurance set up obtainable in Singapore, and here I’ve compiled the simplest basic travel insurance plans for the everyday Singaporean. scan on to seek out out that plans square measure best for every kind of soul. CONTENTS
  • Cheapest travel insurance in Singapore
  • Best travel insurance for medical coverage
  • Best travel insurance for adventurous travellers
  • Best travel insurance for expensive trips
  • Best travel insurance for pregnancy & pre-existing medical conditions
  • Best travel insurance for emergency travel assistance services


When it involves travel, most folks Singaporeans area unit pretty happy doing basic s***. Like aiming to Hong Kong to eat cuisine, aiming to national capital to buy, and aiming to Japan to require 412,523 photos of cherry blossoms.

Does that build North American country sheeple? positive, however United Nations agency cares.

If you’re travel round the region and area unit fairly assured that nothing weird can happen throughout your trip, you shouldn’t need to overspend on travel insurance.

These area unit three of the most affordable travel insurance in Singapore that also give dedicated coverage. Their basic plans all value underneath $25 for per week in ASEAN. Click on the links to scan in-depth reviews.

Cost is also your favored concern, however there area unit a few of things to seem out for before you click “buy”.

Medical & emergency coverage: the quality limit for overseas medical expenses is $200,000 for a basic set up, therefore check that your insurance set up covers that quantity.

If you’re going somewhere remote with not a lot of of a attention infrastructure, check that your emergency evacuation limit is a minimum of $1mil therefore you'll be able to get exhausted back home for tight medical aid.

The $1,000 or $1,500 that the simplest travel insurance policies provide may be a smart limit on travel delays, however in person I don’t mind lower as long as there area unit low-cost accommodation choices close to the airfield just in case i purchase stranded. Your mileage could vary.

Ease of purchase and claims: Travel insurance ought to be as hassle-free as attainable. Ideally, it’s one thing you'll be able to purchase on-line on your phone and claim through an internet type with simply snapshots of your documents.

Also note that some insurance corporations take forever and each day to method your claim, whereas others area unit willing to conceive to a good time-frame, e.g. ten operating days, for settlement.

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